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Things can get a bit deep and serious here on GCM – and after some requests for more fashion posts ,on Instagram, I decided to put together this blog and lighten things up, in between discussing the serious issues.

I don’t know if its the humid Gold Coast climate, the fact I hate wearing a bra or knickers, or my desire to feel like a Boho princess, but I lurve a maxi dress. There is a huge section of my wardrobe dedicated to various floaty long dresses, with the odd cute shorter one thrown in for good measure. For some reason I am always being asked where I get my dresses from, not just online, but out and about as well. Whilst I do have my favourite shops – I am NOT a brand snob and am a fan of what I like, not what label is attached to it. I also love a sale…… I very rarely buy anything at full price and appreciate quality and VALUE.

So below are some examples of the dresses I get asked about the most and a couple of new ones that I have tried on, styled and compared to the “model” pic. This is important for me, as I know I personally like to see things on real heighted people, not 6′ professional models, in professionally edited pics!

Let’s open this with two dresses I was sent from @rubydollco

  1. Amara Dress $59.95 (rubydoll.com.au)50324528_528009654376830_2240063184188735488_nI loved the colour and fabric of this dress  the second I saw it and I KNEW it was a versatile dress I would be able to style in many different ways. This piece is easy to layer and the options are endless. A midi length with a removable waist sash, you can also adjust the length of the torso, via the tie straps. You can view how I styled the Omara dress on my IGTV channel- One Dress Three Ways
    Model (5’9) vs Me (5’5)

    The online image of the dress, matched what I received and I will definitely purchase from this store in the future.

2. Tahyna Maxi Dress $49.95 (rubydoll.com.au)

50539574_539672786530086_4983938298624868352_n This dress is such a gorgeous colour and pattern, with a super flowy vibe and, whilst not lined, it is NOT see through and moves beautifully.

At only 5’5 this one was too long for me to wear with flats, but perfect with heels or wedges. It has a dressier feel (the fabric is silkier and thus – feels more luxe) – I added a silver waist belt and heels, however there is an adjustable drawstring in the midline of the dress which can be as loose or as tight as you’d like. This would actually make a stunning dress if you were pregnant, due to the looseness of the design and the ability to keep the drawstring untied for a growing belly (hell to the no…… I am not going there again!)

Again the Model Vs Me pic shows that this label is very accurate in their online depictions of their dresses – which I have a lot of respect for, as there is nothing worse than buying online and receiving a dud! I would recommend going down a size when ordering this dress online.

Model vs Me

3. Frankie Dress – Marigold $89.00 (Seven Wonders the label)

Model vs Me

This was a gift from my husband for Christmas, that he purchased from White Bohemian Store Palm Beach I was pleasantly surprised by his choice and love that the length is not super mini (comes just above my knee). It is cool, fully lined and yes those are REAL buttons – so breastfeed away mummas! This is a fun, flirty and flattering number, that would suit most body types. I include a little white cami under this piece, if heading out with the family.

4. THE Yellow Dress $29.99 (valleygirl.com.au)


No Way! I hear you saying….. but totes yes way. I don’t even know the official name of this dress but I refer to it as “THE yellow dress” as I cannot count how many times I have been asked on Instagram and also in real life – where I purchased this dress from!

It is well made, it is a thicker cotton with concealed zip and buttons, lace details and a perfect maxi length for this little smurf! And yep….it’s from bargain chain store Valley girl. As I said, I purchase what I like, not what the label says, and I HAD to have this dress. I treat Valleygirl a little bit like an op shop – the stores are huge and a muddle of sizes, styles and colourways. You have to rifle through the racks and occasionally you will bag yourself a great piece at an even greater price. This dress was hanging on a rack – all by itself – with a swing tag reading $29.99 – IN MY SIZE! So there it is folks – this adored dress was a lucky find, I’ve never seen it since and I’ve never seen it online BUT the moral of this story is…..don’t be a brand snob or you might miss some little diamonds.

5. Gingham and Heels (ginghamandheels.com)

This is my #1 go to store for maxi dresses and I have shopped at Gingham and Heels for years and years. The majority of their dresses are true to size, good quality and have the ability to be dressed up or down. Many of their models are also quite short, and they will list the height of their models on each listing. Two of the dresses pictured below have been in my cupboard for 4 years and are in as new condition and I still wear them now. There are similar styles still online, just different colours and patterns (it’s a timeless cut)

I have so many more dresses by this label, these are just a few on regular rotation, and I will continue to shop here as long as the quality remains the same.


So there it is – I will be releasing more of these blogs, featuring the Model Vs Me, comparisons with a true and unbiased review of various brands and styles.

Let me know what you would like to see in the next piece and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @gold_coast_musings

Much Love

Ness xo

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